I’m not sorry


choosing myself
saying no when you thought i’d say yes
not wanting to be touched
wanting nothing but to be touched


taking up space and promising to take up even more
making you feel uncomfortable for any reason
not liking you
not spending one moment worrying about what you think


not having a perfect body, and loving every curve
not buying into your version of woman
questioning every word that every man says
aging, even when you want me to be younger


skipping the workout for a quiet morning
eating food
ordering a second drink at brunch
seeking pleasure


wanting to be alone
doing things differently than you expect
telling you it’s not enough
changing my mind


letting my kid watch screens
eating too much sugar before bed
skipping homework once in a while
her unedited singing to unedited songs


you not understanding my motivations
you thinking I am doing it wrong
you not liking my my writing
you unfollowing me for any reason


when I don’t want to be around people
when I don’t want to answer your questions
when I say no
when I say fuck yes


reaching through the universe to find familiar flames
holding my hands to the sky
saying give me everything
knowing it is all coming

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