Hi. I’m Chelsea.

I am a writer living in
Salt Lake City, Utah.

This is an authentic account of my collision with beauty in daily life. There are also cocktails along the way. And occasional swearing.

Consider In The Way my online zine, where I get to write whatever I want and hope you find it somewhat entertaining and/or inspiring and/or strange and/or beautiful.

I write a lot about writing and my attempt at trying to write what is most meaningful to me and ultimately brings me joy. You know, that feeling of pure bliss when you’ve filled a page with words that represent exactly who you are or how you feel? Yeah, that is what I am trying to do here. I am currently working on my first book of poetry. Not first poems, but first real attempt at that whole book thing.

Daunting shit, I tell you.

All content belongs to [me]:

Chelsea Nelson, MPC
Instagram: @ritualandcraft & @intheway_ofbeauty

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