Winter Solstice

The darkest day of the year says ....look at the light breaking through your rib cage....The dark corners it will illuminate. What will walk through the shadows and claim me? The blackest night full of secrets waiting to show off. Thirsty pieces screaming. Rituals of fire and words pouringfrom fingertipsevery new and full moon.Power and... Continue Reading →

I don’t come up for air

I'm pulled under unrestricted by currents of uncertainty, now a welcomed howling bed. I am only open eyes so clear they disappear.I remade my body, iterating the majestic parts - sharp shoulders, soft necklinemouth full of consonants and vowels.You'll look my direction but I'm completely gone. I outgrew my own goosebumps.I planned it this way.... Continue Reading →

bad boys

*This poem made possible by everyone who sent me random words to use via Instagram The pink dish glove in the sink is the American dream. Lonely and listless, lifeless.Like they want all women's bodies to be. Her, an abandoned housemaking warm speckled tarts full of encouragement for her children and signed social contracts --... Continue Reading →

I prefer to ache.

The panic dreams ask mewhat they should do with my collar bones while I sleep. *I wake in four mornings in a row with no memory of where I am. I am trying to describe... *The pearl of the oystersometimes doesn't reveal itself until you bite down, break teeth. *I gave myself over to gravity... Continue Reading →


We make the room a dance floor. Twirl like cloudsabout to rain for hours over the entirety of theearth's desserts. A pas de deux that gives life to all dead things. And, when we stormthe pouring is so loudthat everything parchedruns toward us -- a celebration of elements remembering that every ecosystem relies on the... Continue Reading →

The truth that lives in your body…

Name the question your lips mouth at 2:37 a,m., parched, in need of water. In need of someone else to hear them.The elegy must be written. Revisions of yourself. Vessels and baptisms in fever dreams. You'll fall in love with me because...You can't forget me because... A list for our lives: We don't settle into... Continue Reading →

It’s very likely that

Maybe it was when the devil himself forgotwhat the sin was. Drunk on desire and liningthe best vices up in a rowfor the exploding galaxiesto expand into. Which is to say, maybeit was the yes you say over and over and overuntil the sky changes color.Or, when the stars opened in a kiss on the... Continue Reading →


I am not in transition. I am transition. I am full body movement in all directions, sending ships into the dark blue from each fingertip to explore every undiscovered territory. Vessels towingmy heart behind their rudders until my body breaks into 10 separate pieces on a mission to discover at least one remote continent.A strange... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, they want me to yell. Cry out. Demand to see where my power lives. But those who scream at others will never understandhow my power builds in stillnessfrom quietfrom small, mighty moments tucked away in mason jars under my bed like treasure -fire-sparks, bottled lightening.I'll show them to you in the dark where it... Continue Reading →

Everyone wants me to make decisions but…

I don't want to be settled. I don't want roots growinginside places or people. I grow roots so thick and old and seeded in my own chest,that no matter where my feet take me:houses, cities, apartments,castles, sidewalks, beaches --I am planted in purpose. Roots that can wrap aroundall time and space. Hold each person I... Continue Reading →

It’s 9 am and the rooster is still crowing

The olive trees are as ancient as the earth-older than the castle constructed next to them.Reminding me that the very soul I possess is made of the same ancient energy. Buzzing through centuries in body after body to landhere in the Tuscan hillswith the witches.

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