Poems and Power: Sept 12

Pisces i am called to water like i remember deeply the comfort of the womb. the softness of floating, the blur between skin and salt. diving into the wreckage is how i make sense of blood and nerves. the deepness, terrifying. breath exploding from each pore. unknown creatures with hues never seen on the surface,... Continue Reading →

Poems and Power: Sept 11

waking we walk and search but never arrive. destination foggy and far. doors made of gold? rivers of endless youth? trees so ripe with fruit they overhang into our watery hearts? if we stay on this journey, push through monsters under the bed, free falling that jolts you awake, houses burning, frozen limbs while chased,... Continue Reading →

Poems and Power: Sept 10

To be chased: The Starry One Goddess of falling stars i am you. i have always been you. the escape is monumental. the quail, a family in the shrubs babies barely keeping up. goddess of dreams 17 of them cuddled up in the briars. but one beautiful witchy bird holds all the worms in the... Continue Reading →

Poems and Power: Sept 9

Migration I am free. footfallen bathing in everything ahead of me. scents from foreign places. opening the world up with each step. soft sways. onto the ground. drinking in unknown cities. the entirety of space. it has all unveiled itself to me. called me forth to glide on different wings, better yet, sprout new ones... Continue Reading →

Poems and Power: Sept 8

How to make a Negroni remove the most beautiful of the stirring glasses from the bar cabinet let tap water rinse the dust from the lipwipe with a gentle yet firm grip until clear and dryfetch the bottles:1 part floral london dry1 part Italian bitter1 part thick, sweet vermouth ice must gleam clear like glass,... Continue Reading →

Poems and Power: Sept 7

Write it into existence In the feathery folds of her brown hair, you'll find the entire world. knotted from wind, somersaults in the grass, one million cartwheels I've been asked to watch. without her, the universe has no string to hold it together. no construct. no light. peace is found in her morning sigh, when... Continue Reading →

Poems and Power: Sept 6

the vision in the slow moments it is clear. the radical self wandering nowhere, everywhere. clear openness. details faded and unnecessary. they do not matter. the clarity comes in the breath. in the expansion. in the freedom. in what the color of release looks like. i can't tell you what that color is. that detail... Continue Reading →

Poems and Power: Sept 5

Casting spells you are the revolution. the collective. the alignment. the rebellious. the vessel. you are what catches the air. you are nights of endless discovery. you are a fingers laced with mine. you are i-thou. the knowing. the comfort. the sanctuary. firm feet on the ground. all the dreams in the clouds. you are... Continue Reading →

Poems and Power: Sept 4

Moon Phases your eye is set on me. my only natural satellite. making this place more livable. setting me upright, balancing it all out. until your new phase; when things start getting bumpy. spinning in different directions. but, in my heart i know. we are all rotating around the same axis. sometimes i think your... Continue Reading →

Poems and Power: Sept 3

Nectar your throat is filled with water. the pool, so turquoise it sucked every color into it's depth until any other hue was a lie. your wings -- rocks, the only gravity for your bulbous body. and then we simply, dive in. the California sun leathery on backs, slick babies-- overgrown men. your wet feathered... Continue Reading →

Poems and Power: Sept 2

With inspo from Sappho Don't waste one line wasn't it you that said: you'd 'take any iteration of my voice' an echo-chambered, hollow howl. a whispered feather landing on your shoulder. a scream so loud it breaks the entire universe. wasn't it you that said 'I'll write you a magic spell' as your hands did... Continue Reading →

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