our power

say yes to the pull of desire,
what makes your soul burn,
the people that set you on fire,
every single experience that expands
in your chest like a hurricane.

stop contracting.
shrinking, condensing, quieting yourself.
stop telling your desires they are unholy.
stop telling yourself no (and everyone else yes).

consider: when did you stop
exploring, aching, longing, learning?

look up at the sky – does it call your name?
do you remember what she asked of you
before your buried your life in others?
did you forget the pull of the moon,
the stardust landing in your eyes?
the pulse of thunder roaring in
your deepest set veins?

expand; breathe into it.
the asking has never stopped.
the expanse is always there,
waiting for you to jump deep into
the abyss of your heart’s joy.

there’s no more time for holding your breath.
for long pauses until you forget.
for caving in on yourself.

close your eyes, the whole universe is inside.
asking you to choose your own skin over and over,
fall into the clouds that hold your heart.

tell the others, no.

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