Here is what I want to know

That the very stars above us were born from my own body. Spinning globes and fire balls simply living in the palms of my hands, after thousands of labored hours,cradled while I sing them into a spiraled sleep. That the kiss in the booth at the bar during the thunderstorm on mother's day when the... Continue Reading →

Have I told you?

Loving a poet isnoticing snowed-in flowers or cracks of sunlight in a dead sea sky.Springtime cruelties; simple guttural changes that come with smoky, yellow promise evenings -- ones where we light the lampssparrows seek in the sky with our fire eyes. Loving a poet is the childhood memory --a shuttering of ice cream dripping through... Continue Reading →

Date of birth

This year I vow to slow the rotation of the earthwith every golden flecked moment.So, when you feel the dirtunder your toes settling aroundyour feet – know it’s simplymy breathing attempting to containthe rotation of seas and prairie grasses.Know it is only my mind pausing all of this: Her, with perfectly crooked teeth.Still weary of... Continue Reading →


sometimes, the coming apartis the putting back together.when particles divide, float away they are never the same; every small molecule is charged: better, more full, magnetic. sometimes, the separation is the tethering of new threads no one knew existed, even from one hand to the other. solo stars breaking new solar systems opensimply from the... Continue Reading →

Happy Valley

I am seven people deep in line at Walgreens in the city where I went to college. Orem, Utah. Mormon Mecca. Locals call it "Happy Valley". For believers, it's literal - a whitewashed happiness breeding ground. Paper doll cut outs of righteous brothers and sisters linked hand in hand in hand. For the lost apostate,... Continue Reading →

heat map

I think last night we were the heat of being - fiery orange bodies,the only living organisms,engulfed in a seaof cold midnight mountainranges and century-old barns, still standing. I think last nightwhen my eyes wouldn't close,the owl in the skeleton tree outside the window, -- after you'd fallen quiet and statue still, chest rising like... Continue Reading →

Winter Solstice

The darkest day of the year says ....look at the light breaking through your rib cage....The dark corners it will illuminate. What will walk through the shadows and claim me? The blackest night full of secrets waiting to show off. Thirsty pieces screaming. Rituals of fire and words pouringfrom fingertipsevery new and full moon.Power and... Continue Reading →

I don’t come up for air

I'm pulled under unrestricted by currents of uncertainty, now a welcomed howling bed. I am only open eyes so clear they disappear.I remade my body, iterating the majestic parts - sharp shoulders, soft necklinemouth full of consonants and vowels.You'll look my direction but I'm completely gone. I outgrew my own goosebumps.I planned it this way.... Continue Reading →

bad boys

*This poem made possible by everyone who sent me random words to use via Instagram The pink dish glove in the sink is the American dream. Lonely and listless, lifeless.Like they want all women's bodies to be. Her, an abandoned housemaking warm speckled tarts full of encouragement for her children and signed social contracts --... Continue Reading →

I prefer to ache.

The panic dreams ask mewhat they should do with my collar bones while I sleep. *I wake in four mornings in a row with no memory of where I am. I am trying to describe... *The pearl of the oystersometimes doesn't reveal itself until you bite down, break teeth. *I gave myself over to gravity... Continue Reading →


We make the room a dance floor. Twirl like cloudsabout to rain for hours over the entirety of theearth's desserts. A pas de deux that gives life to all dead things. And, when we stormthe pouring is so loudthat everything parchedruns toward us -- a celebration of elements remembering that every ecosystem relies on the... Continue Reading →

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