Winter Solstice

The darkest day
of the year says
….look at the light
breaking through
your rib cage….

The dark corners it will illuminate.

What will walk
through the shadows
and claim me?
The blackest night full
of secrets waiting to show off.

Thirsty pieces screaming.

Rituals of fire
and words pouring
from fingertips
every new and full moon.
Power and momentum.

I’m returning to the witch.

The dark knows,
people are tethered
to my heart, pulling eyes
awake. But I no longer
do sleepless nights
for anyone. Falling in love

should be a buoyancy, not a drowning.

Paralyzed by desire
to make perfect, make each
line count for everything,
The poetry got stuck trying
to add up every feeling

to the sum of transcendence.

So, I’ll resurrect nights
and mornings letting words
fall gently from my fingers
simply for the sake.
Simply for the birth.
The darkest day whispers,

your own light explodes stars.

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