The truth that lives in your body…

Name the question your
lips mouth at 2:37 a,m.,
parched, in need of water.
In need of someone else to hear them.
The elegy must be written.
Revisions of yourself.
Vessels and baptisms in fever dreams.

You’ll fall in love with me because…
You can’t forget me because…

A list for our lives:

  1. We don’t settle into places where
    the bottoms of our feet feel
    the electricity to move faster and faster.
    We don’t stay when energy says go.
    When our body says
    run, run.
  2. When our limbs say stay,
    stand ground. Tell her
    “don’t go”.
    Tell him your body says
    “I won’t move”.
  3. Write ourselves a letter.
    Little notes on the mirror that remind
    us to see the beauty in
    what is always changing.
    Tell her everything good radiates
    from her full hips,
    the light straight hair, the lips
    that sing lullaby’s and read poems
    out loud in a dark room,
    alone, at night.
  4. Ask who she doesn’t want to be,
    and then pick up those feet and walk so
    far away from that place
    that the memory of it is
    nothing more than Déjà vu.
    Cast a spell.

A thing that lasts forever:

  1. A deep internal understanding of self.
    Who are you?
    Ask the question.
  2. What day-to-day parts of your
    life could you never live without?
  3. The coffee ritual in the morning.
    (raises hand)
  4. Bare feet on the dark hardwood when
    the heater kicks on in the fall.
  5. Scratching of beautiful words in
    the notebook that is always with you.
  6. Smells that bring you back to her.
    Or him. That place.
  7. Food you make on a Tuesday afternoon
    that reminds you why eating is an
    act of pleasure.
  8. The way the palms of your hands sweat
    when you think you might be
    falling in love.
  9. Mistakes you get to reintroduce
    as new paths that lead you to better things.
    Better people.
  10. The realization in each day
    that you’re going to die
    and this makes you
    breathe deeper and run faster
    and love harder
    because you know you might not
    be able to do it again tomorrow.
    While also all of your
    synopses are screaming
    that death will never find you.
  11. Ask — why they are saying you might
    just live forever?
  12. A word. A person. A poem.
  13. The moon
    holds you.
  14. The stars know my name.
    They whisper “chelsea” every time
    the sky darkens and they get a
    chance to speak.
    And, on nights I don’t hear them
    i just remind myself —

I am the stars.
I can say my own name.

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