Feeling like yourself is a practice

One that involves deep breathing
and saying things out loud that scare you.
Connecting to your inner knowing;
the gut feeling that screams
at you to scream.
And, when you don’t you scream –
you keep dying.

My words stay with you. This I know.
They will bond us like concrete.
But, I am also prepared
that the only glue is my truth to myself.

I won’t make you lay bricks for
walls that don’t matter to you.

I am the mortar that surrounds my
inner most knowing and keeps it safe.
I have no choice but to encase
my soul with that unstoppable
higher power, held sound by words.


Maybe we’re mirrors.
Maybe you just wanted to see if you
could climb the walls.
Maybe the other side never mattered.
Maybe we were both sleepwalking
with eyes wide enough to see each
other in the dark places.

But then you landed on the other side
where I waited for you.
And, you didn’t recognize me
because you were only ever really
searching for yourself.

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