This is how they remember me

Speaker of truths: the hardest the loudest.
Claims herself with fierce yelling. Howling.

Fire lips and clenched jaw softened.
Only petal breaths, unrelenting flowers opening.

Asks for what she wants and endlessly receives.
Understands she owns all of life in her racing veins.

Knows herself to her very blood color. Single plum purple hue.
Holy desires, boundaries, the gospel of her skin.

Gives love free without expectation. Simply asks to be seen.
Eyes always locked, straight ahead, to yours.

Seeks a constant state of creation, makes it so.
A poem, a daughter, love exploding from ribs like bombs.

Expects satisfaction. Completion. Forever rotation.
Marking of tasks, tickets purchased, miles traveled.

Leaves behind no one, even upon request.
Once lived in her hands, you don’t exit: she has limitless rooms.

Her steady search: Passionate, ferocious exhales.
Her endless inquiry: Solitude stitched together with locked eyes.

Breaths taken away.

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