A Spanish Poem

We will be headed to Spain in just a few weeks, so I have found myself reading some Spanish poets to gear up.

Federico Garcia Lorca was a poet I read often as an undergrad, but not much since. It was lovely to revisit some of his words, and this one in particular made me soon. That last stanza especially. Wow — HOT.

[To find a kiss of yours]

Federico García Lorca1898 – 1936

translated by Sarah Arvio

To find a kiss of yours
what would I give
A kiss that strayed from your lips
dead to love

My lips taste
the dirt of shadows

To gaze at your dark eyes
what would I give
Dawns of rainbow garnet
fanning open before God—

The stars blinded them
one morning in May

And to kiss your pure thighs
what would I give
Raw rose crystal
sediment of the sun

Here’s to hoping some poems of my own will be inspired by Spain.

I have a feeling it won’t be a problem.

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