Writing to save your life

Do you ever have those days where you just feel like breaking down in tears and you can’t really pinpoint why? And no, I am not talking about hormones here -- so you can all get that old school misogynistic business out of your head. This isn’t women’s hysteria. I am talking about those days... Continue Reading →

A Spanish Poem

We will be headed to Spain in just a few weeks, so I have found myself reading some Spanish poets to gear up. Federico Garcia Lorca was a poet I read often as an undergrad, but not much since. It was lovely to revisit some of his words, and this one in particular made me... Continue Reading →

Beauty Run-in

It is dark in my house, although it's only 4 in the afternoon. There is something about being alone, in your most comfortable place, during a dark afternoon. It's like a magical gift. A light scent of lavender incense wafts through the tall ceilings, circling the balloons -- still clinging to their float from days... Continue Reading →

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