North Carolina

Last night, I walked in the rain

for the first time in decades.


Let the cold water soak 

my clothes until my skin 


glistened like a waterfall.

Eyes wide; skin shedding.


No running, no rushing. 

Born from the uncomfortable.


I am at stand still on a long road

in the blue ridge mountains.


Sun hanging low behind

the hills, only light – stars.


Baptisms happen all the time,

But not to me. 


This unexpected gift from the moon,

commanding me to pause — consumed. 


Preparing for whats ready to escape

my mouth, my fingers, my chest. 


It’s time to let it all go. Create again.

Hold the raindrops like tiny oceans


in the palm of my hand, watch them

accumulate into the whole universe, 


let the sky’s waves swallow who I was, 

sweep me away into truth and power. 


Eyes closed, legs like trees, heart 

cracked open, happily unrepairable.

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