Poems and Power: Sept 2

With inspo from Sappho

Don’t waste one line

wasn’t it you that said:

you’d ‘take any iteration of my voice’

an echo-chambered, hollow howl.

a whispered feather landing on your shoulder.

a scream so loud it breaks the entire universe.

wasn’t it you that said

‘I’ll write you a magic spell’

as your hands did all of the talking

in between choking and praying,

while i closed my eyes and waited to turn to smoke.

wasn’t it you that said

‘we’re all just halves of ourselves

wandering in chaos looking for someone else’

when all I could imagine was the entirety

of who I am looking for solitude, in perpetuity.

wasn’t it you that said

‘love was the loosener of limbs’

untangling threads,

unfolding layers,

while I constantly tie myself back up.

double knot.

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