Poems and Power: Sept 15

To Reflect

step a bit closer

bring your face near to me

look into your own eyes.

i am a replica, a mimic.

i am nothing more than a lens to echo

the way your particles align.

every atom. every cell.

how they converge into matter.

the mistakes, scars. distractions.

a structure for what is hiding inside the

blood of it all. the memories

that pump in your veins.

the ones you still can’t name.

it will always start to unravel.

remember when you fell apart,

forgot you held prisms in your hands,

and kept going?

emerged from ashes

with a clear vision and

gave birth to it through

your own power?

power without reflection

a pretty word for pretty things.

you wanted pretty things.

until, one early morning you finally

looked past me, into the depths of

your own rib cage and i knew

the time was now.

i grabbed at you. i screamed:


you opened your eyes to a

parody of reality. beaten beautifully.

she looked like you, hallowed.

the name calling was

fierce and wild and mean.

but you needed to see it.

what you were really meant for.

give yourself permission.

you are all of the universe emulated.

i’ll show you. don’t be scared to look.

hold your own gaze.

we are both a frame.

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