Poems and Power: Sept 8

How to make a Negroni

remove the most beautiful of the

stirring glasses from the bar cabinet

  • let tap water rinse the dust from the lip
  • wipe with a gentle yet firm grip until clear and dry
  • fetch the bottles:
    • 1 part floral london dry
    • 1 part Italian bitter
    • 1 part thick, sweet vermouth

ice must gleam clear like glass,

smooth like a song. (this, is critical.)

  • allow the slender spoon to nestle between your fingertips
  • let the liquid flow over the ice until wintery
  • allow the crystal glass to emerge from the icebox
  • frosted, waiting
  • strain through the antique sieve
  • cradle it all on one ice rock
  • compress the rind of the ripest orange

lips clutch the rim

like a lover

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