This is how they remember me

Speaker of truths: the hardest the loudest. Claims herself with fierce yelling. Howling. Fire lips and clenched jaw softened.Only petal breaths, unrelenting flowers opening. Asks for what she wants and endlessly receives.Understands she owns all of life in her racing veins. Knows herself to her very blood color. Single plum purple hue.Holy desires, boundaries, the... Continue Reading →

The sparrow

She has lived on my skin for 15 years. A promise of return; the darkness always temporary. I never thought of myself as an eagle. I don't consider love to be god,Because, I don't believe in god. I believe in love more than the migration of birds. More than the science of flock. My talons... Continue Reading →

our power

say yes to the pull of desire, what makes your soul burn,the people that set you on fire, every single experience that expandsin your chest like a hurricane. stop contracting. shrinking, condensing, quieting yourself. stop telling your desires they are unholy. stop telling yourself no (and everyone else yes). consider: when did you stop exploring,... Continue Reading →

I’m not sorry

forchoosing myselfsaying no when you thought i'd say yesnot wanting to be touched wanting nothing but to be touched for taking up space and promising to take up even more making you feel uncomfortable for any reason not liking you not spending one moment worrying about what you think for not having a perfect body,... Continue Reading →

Song for Clementine

Written after songwriting class with Love Femme from Amo Amo who put these lyrics to music in the most haunting, beautiful way. Forever grateful. Poems and Power \ w Chelsea Diane Love song for Clementine FIRST VERSE: Your hair, a tangle of shadows.Long legs, tumble over spring grass.Fingers that are my arrow. Eyes, the north... Continue Reading →

Winter Sleep

I stayed in bed all morning.Sun through the large window,bathing the cat and my calves in January sunbursts, rays of yellow. The coffee spilled; I didn't mind. I am unbothered. I absorb only light, only breath. The yous around me vanishuntil I say "you are the you right now".I orchestrate the time for entering; exiting.I... Continue Reading →

I am quiet

Focused on the fucking heart that has been jumping out of my throat. That skin I've kept trying to change. I am quiet. Which doesn't mean silent,but rather finally able to feel the scream. How sometimes it felt like choking on coagulated clots. Even in moments I loved. Ones I felt full of sound. The... Continue Reading →

My hair started falling out.Breaking off. Telling me no. Screaming at me, punishing. Money -- funneled to products, vitamins, serums.Nearly prayed. The blond, confused tanglesare just now starting to understand again-that I am in charge. Small, brand new hairspushing their way throughmy scalp, like tulips looking for sun when snow is still covering their sleepy... Continue Reading →

So punk rawk

Between the rosé and the cheese plate,I figured it all out. Or actually, I figured out absolutely nothing, and that was everything. I left what I knew about myself and decided to remember the old parts. The parts that lived in the breath and blood.Giving me controlled life along the way, until I surrendered. Finally... Continue Reading →


I am learning my own language. The sounds and subtext of my bodywhen the vowels make long, drawnout sounds, and when they stop suddenly. Blunt and obvious. I haven't spoken this language of mein a long time, and I am stumbling through every awkward sentence. Did you hear me?Do you understand me?Is all of myself... Continue Reading →

Done playing small

I am a highway they've tried to change. Because I am something not everyone knows how to love. I triumph like a girl; an overwhelmingly dangerous animal is a part of me. Teeth baring and protective of my meal. Here I am. Alive more than some. When I write words on paper. When I see... Continue Reading →

The things you thought you forgot

It's not plot. It's what comes in night terrors and dreamy dripping fantasies that take over the afternoon. Things that don't make sense, finding their way inside chest cavities, through open-ended questions, burning paper with every single thing that needs to be forgotten. Or repaired. Or rebuilt. Lyrics I forgot I knew until the song... Continue Reading →

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