So punk rawk

Between the rosé and the cheese plate,I figured it all out. Or actually, I figured out absolutely nothing, and that was everything. I left what I knew about myself and decided to remember the old parts. The parts that lived in the breath and blood.Giving me controlled life along the way, until I surrendered. Finally... Continue Reading →


I am learning my own language. The sounds and subtext of my bodywhen the vowels make long, drawnout sounds, and when they stop suddenly. Blunt and obvious. I haven't spoken this language of mein a long time, and I am stumbling through every awkward sentence. Did you hear me?Do you understand me?Is all of myself... Continue Reading →

Done playing small

I am a highway they've tried to change. Because I am something not everyone knows how to love. I triumph like a girl; an overwhelmingly dangerous animal is a part of me. Teeth baring and protective of my meal. Here I am. Alive more than some. When I write words on paper. When I see... Continue Reading →

The things you thought you forgot

It's not plot. It's what comes in night terrors and dreamy dripping fantasies that take over the afternoon. Things that don't make sense, finding their way inside chest cavities, through open-ended questions, burning paper with every single thing that needs to be forgotten. Or repaired. Or rebuilt. Lyrics I forgot I knew until the song... Continue Reading →


To bud life at the root, you must cut off the dead. Slice through the heart of what is no longer growing. Trap the energy in the fingerlings that reach up and out to portals that are waiting for new, green sprouts. Blooms buried so deep the only way to coax them out is a... Continue Reading →

North Carolina

Last night, I walked in the rain for the first time in decades.   Let the cold water soak  my clothes until my skin    glistened like a waterfall. Eyes wide; skin shedding.   No running, no rushing.  Born from the uncomfortable.   I am at stand still on a long road in the blue... Continue Reading →

Poems and Power: Sept 16

A lesson learned the hard way   growing up in the pews of buildings that spiral to heaven, you memorize the muted colors of hymnals and padded folding chairs. the small hairs in your ears, back of arms, knowing by heart every phrase separating you from anything other. all the colorful. all the raw.  the... Continue Reading →

Poems and Power: Sept 15

To Reflect step a bit closer bring your face near to me look into your own eyes. i am a replica, a mimic. i am nothing more than a lens to echo the way your particles align. every atom. every cell. how they converge into matter. the mistakes, scars. distractions. a structure for what is... Continue Reading →

Poems and Power: Sept 12

Pisces i am called to water like i remember deeply the comfort of the womb. the softness of floating, the blur between skin and salt. diving into the wreckage is how i make sense of blood and nerves. the deepness, terrifying. breath exploding from each pore. unknown creatures with hues never seen on the surface,... Continue Reading →

Poems and Power: Sept 11

waking we walk and search but never arrive. destination foggy and far. doors made of gold? rivers of endless youth? trees so ripe with fruit they overhang into our watery hearts? if we stay on this journey, push through monsters under the bed, free falling that jolts you awake, houses burning, frozen limbs while chased,... Continue Reading →

Poems and Power: Sept 10

To be chased: The Starry One Goddess of falling stars i am you. i have always been you. the escape is monumental. the quail, a family in the shrubs babies barely keeping up. goddess of dreams 17 of them cuddled up in the briars. but one beautiful witchy bird holds all the worms in the... Continue Reading →

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