Summer Solstice—setting intentions

Make a wish over a flame.

Bring home fresh herbs like basil and lavender.

Spend some money on fresh cut flowers like jasmine (sensuality), rose (love), and gardenias (peace).

Take the shortest night of the year to stay up all night and set intentions.

These are all small rituals you can do to welcome the summer solstice—which is today, in case you missed it. Earth’s axis is tilted most closely toward the sun. Our home stars are seeing their longest day. Home stars: Such a lovely term. In Salt Lake City, we’ll get about 15 hours of daylight today, which is perfect for celebrating, checking off to-do lists, sitting in the evening golden hour and reflecting, or if you’re like me: writing. 

I decided that today was a good day to sit still a little (even metaphorically) and do some intention setting after a whirlwind few months. It’s almost been a year since my #bigmagic writing retreat, and I promised myself that I would have a first draft of my book done by Elizabeth Gilbert’s 50th birthday (which is July 18). A goal that many people made at that retreat. We’re a few weeks out and it is time to get serious. I’ve been caught up in the grind, which is truly my nature, and that is why I have to set intentions/goals in order to slow down and remember what my long-term (or in this case now super short term) goals are.

If you’re looking to slow down a bit, today is the perfect time to do it. You have more daylight today than you will all year long and the universe is aligned to provide in abundance.

So with six months to winter solstice, I am creating six intentions.

1) a printed, hard copy of my book in my hand by July 18

2) resume one night a week to write/reflect/read

3) work to create literal space that pulls creativity out of myself and others

4) remember and seek solitude and quiet

5) keep more days in the week open than filled with plans

6) keep connected to those closest to me, but stay open to new relationships and people


How do I plan to stay accountable?

I’ll check in here and maybe set a side goal to keep the life in this online zine breathing. It definitely needs some resuscitation.

What are your intentions for the upcoming weeks?

How do you plan to keep them?


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