Owning our badass-ness

Then one day…..

You’re speaking in front of a group of students––feeling weirdly inadequate, like at any moment someone is going to raise their hand and be like:

“Wait, why are you here?”

But then all of a sudden, you get going and start talking about where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and how email wasn’t even a thing until you were in college…and then just like that, it turns around and you think:

(First, “I’m so old.”)

But a quick second, “hell yeah, I have some things to say. I’ve done a lot of shit that I’ve been pretty successful at. I’VE WORKED REALLY HARD.”

Everyone has things that they want to work on.

Well, after this week I have a new one. And, it’s this:

Owning my gifts/power/competence/badassness/etc.

I.e.: being proud of my accomplishments, instead of feeling inadequate. Because I’m not inadequate–I work my butt off and try to support others who are doing the same. And, at the very least, try to inspire others to work their butts off too.

There are plenty of things I am not great at — things I will never be great at. For example:

–I can’t and will never be able to sing. It just is never happening for me.
–I don’t love managing people. I enjoy working on teams and contributing, but I am not super great at (mostly because I don’t like to) mid-managing other people (or be responsible for their timecards/excuses).
–Math. Nope.
–Analyzing data (just not my jam)
–Outdoors shit (I mean, I’ll do it sometimes, but I have no natural knack for it and how my husband ended up deciding to marry me is still a mystery). ((Wait, that is what I am trying NOT TO DO––he married me because I am a badass, obvs)).

But here are a few things I am going to own right now and forevermore.

I am not a tourist in these areas — I own this shit.

–Writing and communicating
–Solving problems and thinking big
–Organizing and getting a lot of important things done in a small amount of time
–Owning my mistakes and fixing them
–Making connections, and helping others connect

What power DO YOU OWN?

Leave a comment; own it loud and proud.

Because, I’m proud of you — you’re a badass boss.



PS — I just finished two important things.

1) Big Magic. (I know, I know…I have been reading in spurts for like, a year)
2) Elizabeth Gilbert’s mater class on the Calm app

More on those coming soon, because I did a lot of writing, introspection, and planning for my next big project––which I want to document here as I go.

XO – Chelsea



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